The Beautiful Fantasy Art of Mariana Palova

This collection from Mariana Palova is entitled “Moon Tales”.  Each of these pieces seems to have a symbolistic mystery contained within the beautiful art. It’s almost as if the artist knows something that we do not. She allows us to visit a world of sad moons, half rabbit temptresses, and dark keepers of the universe.

Mariana Palova is a 21 year old female living in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

At the age of 16, with very little formal training in visual arts, as a result of her self-taught formation, she started to feel an interest for digital art and photography. It was actually a complex about the esthetic nature of her own body that encouraged her to experiment with digital manipulation, with the objective of creating corporal modifications to herself.

She describes the “Moon Tales” collection as being a map of her universe. I think maybe she is not from Mexico after all.


Art Lover

I am just a person that loves art. I work for I am lucky.

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