The Surreal Character Illustrations of Muxxi

I figured that we were due for something a little more light-hearted. This whimsical world created by Muxxi is just the answer.

Muxxi is an Illustrator/Girl based in Guatemala City, Her work is a collection of fantastic and surreal characters and strange worlds full of forms and colors. She practices a wide range of techniques, vector illustration, pencil,  ink drawings and more, She loves to paint murals and experiment on any possible form of art.

I am wondering, do these works of art depict a strange world/species that Muxxi has created purely from her own imagination? Or, has she traveled places and knows things that we do not?…. Maybe she has met these strange little creatures. Either way, we enjoy it.

Art Lover

I am just a person that loves art. I work for I am lucky.

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