The Illustrated Thoughts of Pope Saint Victor

These pieces may seem to be nothing more than some surface fun, but there is an underlying emotion. Each of these portrays  the artists own inner thoughts and feelings with a  refreshingly playful honesty.

Pope Saint Vincent (aka. Victor Samuel Huckabee) currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, but spent his formative years studying design. He currently works full time for a non-profit organization called Blood:Water Mission that seeks to empower communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.

“I think I’ve always been absorbed with the visual arts whether I knew it or not. I remember being a kid and looking at photos, magazines, cartoons, logos, Muppets and things of that sort and they would always intrigue me. I’ve always doodled and covered anything I could get my hands on in cartoons. ”


Art Lover

I am just a person that loves art. I work for I am lucky.

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