The Beautiful Trash Bag Art of Khalil Chishtee

All of these are created using only trash bags, grocery bags, and plastic sheets. Khalil Chishtee is able to evoke a beautiful emotional presence in each of his installation pieces.

“For the first time I have used trash or recycled bags as my medium because no matter how many times I recycle plastic, it will remain plastic only, it will not change, so why do we change after being replaced?,” he says. “We change names, religion, language and even emotions. Why can’t we also remain ‘human beings’ that we essentially are?”

In viewing each of his works you can’t help but feel the hopelessness that each of the figures represent. They appear trapped, lost, unwanted, and forced to go through the motions of a somewhat meaningless life.

Or, maybe that is just how plastic looks when it is happy. I haven’t really had many recycled plastic friends.

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