Sculptures made out of Scotch Tape.

The results are in. After suspenseful deliberation the judges have chosen their winners in this years Scotch Tape Art competition. Okay, I am going to be honest. I had no idea that this competition was going on until after it had already closed. However, I am happy that it happened.  Another awesome example of creative medium in art.

The winner of the competition was Jake L. of Manheim, Pennsylvania.

“The inspiration behind this project came from WWII era paratroopers. My objective was to capture the action and intensity of such a simple and graceful act, such as falling through the sky. I accomplished this by uniformly wrapping parts of my own body with tape, which were later assembled into the skydiver. I then added fluorescent orange Scotch tape to the goggles and backpack for added flare. The overall dimensions are roughly 4ft by 5ft. ”

First runner up was Abigail C. from Austin, Texas with her piece called Game Night. 

“When I contemplated such a creative task as creating sculptures out of tape I decided to use my memory of playing checkers during summers at my grandparent’s house and the joy it brought my family.”

Second runner up was Michelle N. From Louisville, Kentucky with Tight Rope Tape Walker.

“The light-weight yet super-strong nature of the Scotch Heavy Duty Packing Tape inspired the whimsical image of the “Tight Rope Tape Walker”. Perched high on a tight rope, she confidently balances atop a ball. Twelve rolls of tape later and twenty-four feet up in the air she held her pose trusting her tape strength.”

Congratulations to all.

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