Portrait Made of Socks by Hong Yi

This is a great example of how many potentially artful things that we take for granted on a daily basis. Every morning I put on my socks and every evening I throw them into the dirty laundry basket. Not once have I ever stopped to think about what sort of art I could make with them. Lucky for us the beautiful artist Hong Yi  (red) had these exact thoughts and did something about it. The result is an amazing portrait of the famous director Yimao Zhang.

For any artists out there that are thinking  of trying this – clean socks are the preferred medium.

Hong Yi, also known as Red,  is from Sabah, Malaysia, and spent a third of her life in Australia. She recently moved from Melbourne to Shanghai for the architecture firm she works for.

“I love to create art. Not with the usual paintbrush and watercolour and pencils though – I like to grab whatever I can get hold of – rocks, ketchup, milk, salt, shirts – and turn them into art. It’s more fun that way! “

Art Lover

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