Digital Art and Photography by Anton & Ina

The body of work from Anton and Ina spans from traditional photography to strange conceptual digital art and manipulation. They are able to tell a full story in a single photograph. There is a spiritual nature to their work. The viewer gets a sense that they are looking slightly beyond the veil. They manage to provide everything from a whimsical happiness in “Insemination” to an unbearable anguish in “Desperation”.

Anton and Ina live in Minsk, Belarus and strive to do a new kind of photographic art that combines metaphysics and the objectivity of classical photos with creative imagination and the free manipulation of images that is provided by modern digital technologies.

“We try to determine and designate the spiritual and material aspects of the surrounding world by interplay of visual images, metaphors, allegories and allusions.”



Art Lover

I am just a person that loves art. I work for I am lucky.

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