Amazing Recycled Mixed Media Sculptures by Sean Avery

It is a growing problem. Bookshelves, drawers, consoles, all filled with useless compact discs. They are cluttering our homes, our cars, and soon our landfills. Sean Avery found a solution to the damage caused by the Ipod. For the past few years he has been creating these beautiful mixed media sculptures using broken compact discs, circuit boards, and other useless technologies from the 2000′s. I once used an Arcade Fire album as a frisbee. Is that doing my part?

Sean lives in Australia and is also a writer and illustrator of children’s books.

“The nature of my sculpture practice ensures that each piece will be completely unique. I blend many different man made materials together to make them appear strangely organic, with a distinct sense of movement. I only use recycled materials to create my sculptures, which classifies my work as “sustainable art”.”

Sean is available for commission and for around $500 you can have one of these small animals in your own home.


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